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URGENCY (under my umbrella)
Walk the Seeds
#Ritual 5
Home Is the new Travel
T1 Downward Facing Desks
T2 Table Service
T3 No more Wiping
T4 What's in a blanket
T5 a Minimum of Control
T6 Coffee Tables going up
T7 Watch your Feet
T8 Square Tight Light
T9 Stones on Thrones
T10 Thinkable Table
T11 The Bench Pile
T12 No more Licking
T13 Blue and Contained
T14 Floating Shelves
Too Illegal to stay, too peculiar to take away
Wall on Walls
hajt Tas-sejjieh-(showpiece)
Come Don’t Come 
Component 0006 (hang on) Truss
Component 1000 The last plastic Bag
Component 1212 Snowflake(s)
Component 1313 Something
from Nothing – flex rose

Component 1696 Food and Shelter 
Component 1835 Fake brittle Reality
Component 1936 ERNST (Neufert) II
Component 1964 EPCOT Frozen
Component 2000 Hype Cycle
Component 2019 Mixed History
Component 2022 Lonely Musk
Component 2121 Two out of One
Component 2410 Ritual #3
Component 2424 Something from Nothing – mustard
Component 2512 Always Xmas
Component 4446 The Angel binding Satan
Component 4847 Ritual #4
Component 6563 Information Committee
Component XXXX Tram Scawped
ERNST (Neufert) I
Frozen Target Schooting Playset
Reflective Tree Guard
Hermetik II
Pipes and Tassels - green
Pipes and Tassels - red
Tables for the 1% - green
Tables for the 1% - mauve
I saw a Light
Drywall Wonders between Heaven and Earth
Dancing in the Dark