Drywall Wonders between Heaven and Earth

Wall Installation for
Valletta International Visual Arts Festival 2015, curated by Raphael Vella
4.2m x 2.4m x 0.24m
Timber, mirror, paint, lights, projection
including text-work by Bettina Hutschek

Based on the principle of a contemporary dry-wall structure, the wall installation delves into the idea of what might be on ‘the other side’. It plays with the elements typical to dry-wall structures: hidden cavities, functional supports and mass-produced stylized ornaments.

As a structure, a wall isolates a place and articulates relationships between the inner and the outer. It organizes the world of men between heaven and earth. A wall divides power, hides secrets, separates bodies, provides security and expresses identity.

The accompanying projected text piece suggests stories hidden within and beyond the wall, and sets a dialogue in motion between the inner and outer, structure and ornament, ideal and appearance.
“Behind the wall, an alarm goes off.
Behind the wall, a coffee is brewed.
Behind the wall, the smell of chicken and garlic is lingering on.
Behind the wall, the one-eyed kid is playing by himself.

photo credits: Luis Rodríguez and Tom Van Malderen