Component 1000

The last plastic Bag

44 x 25cm
plastic bag and silkscreen print
 part of a series of components produced for the exhibition Good Conditions
shown at DWM Gallery

Using only a micro weight of plastic material, the plastic bag allowed us to carry several kilos of things. It used to be considered a token of engineering progress and a handy utility. Emotions toward the plastic bag have shifted, from being hugely popular it became a symbol for all the wrong we are doing to the planet - if we ban plastic, everything will be all right! Given that the first generation of plastic bags often featured a smiley face and the accompanying text thank you and have a nice day, it has turned in to a hesitant, embarrassed smile of shame/guilt.
This last one comes in an edition of 20.

This component forms part of Good Conditions

In Good Conditions, Kris Van Dessel and Tom Van Malderen build upon their previous collaboration Conditions and Opportunities at DMW Art Space in 2017. Together with curator Tram Scawped, the artists continue their quest into the protocols of exhibiting and the mechanism of the contemporary art economy in general. Their previous collaboration at DMW investigated the conditions and opportunities of the ‘art space’ by means of a series of minimal in situ interventions, ranging from subtle modifications of lighting and heating elements to enquiries into the appropriate shade of white for the walls of a white cube. Following up on this expo, 'Good Conditions' explores the application and potential of autonomous artworks as components of a dense art-fair-look-alike constellation. As part of this enquiry, all prices of the works on display are fixed in accordance with the inscrutable laws of the art economy and arranged in an easy-reference component list with accompanying article numbers.