a group show curated by Elyse Tonna
for the Valletta Cultural Agency at the Biċċerija area, Valletta, Malta

fuse was a community-driven and context-specific artistic project focusing on the Biċċerija area, now known as the Valletta Design Cluster, and its surroundings. Its primary scope has been to discover the communities that have a relationship to the area, to uncover their stories, to facilitate interactions and ultimately develop a project that has art, community and context at its core. These objectives set the groundwork for this two-year project and steered it in a direction that has remained true to its primary values: breaking boundaries between art and non-art communities, inclusion, safeguarding of living heritage, creative placemaking and sustainability.

The result is a collection of eight contemporary art interventions, each based on a unique curatorial thematic. Each intervention unlocks and builds on collective group identities. It exposes traits, characteristics, traditions and typologies, uncovering what makes the Biċċerija community and context unique.

Victor Agius, Aaron Bezzina, Giola Cassar and Aprille Zammit, Samuel Ciantar, Tom van Malderen, Laura Besançon , Text Catalogue (Ella Fleri Soler and Andrew Darmanin) and Andrea Zerafa and Chakib Zidi, Noah Fabri and Fatima AM

exhibited works:
Come Don’t Come
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photo credits: Elisa von Brockdorff & Tom Van Malderen