Zabbar calling Citta Hompesch

a group show curated by Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch
for the Mahalla Festival in Zabbar, Malta

An unconverted Palazzo in Zabbar is serving as a venue for site specific interventions. After having been the home of a noble family the Palazzo served as a police station and was partly burned down during the anti-colonial uprisings in the 1958. Some locals still have personal memories. Later the Palazzo served as a depot for one local band-club. Today it is for sale awaiting a new destiny.

Artists and works:
Antonio Cosentino (TR), Portable– Leather-Suitcase, Object. Eda Gecikmez (TR), The memories of birds – installation: fabric-mural, drawings and objects. Güneş Terkol (TR), Whispering Tulle, Curtain-Installation. Margerita Pulé (MLT), The Cement Bakery – Installation. Ludivine Thomas (FR/SWE), Pop up installation, Clouds and stones. Benny Andersson (SWE), Carrying memories like stones. Mark Andersson (SWE), Dancing Feet –Sculpture, Paintings. Sara Pace (MLT), Traces of a Sleeping Beauty– Gold-Threads and Spray. Victor Agius (MLT), Ritual Columns. Installation with historical Festa columns. Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), Golddess-Performance during the opening. Rio Drop, Bathroom, Installation, Objects, Hair-sculptures. Tom van Malderen (BEL/MLT), Tables for the 1%, Utopian Nights Photo Studio – Elise Billiard (MLT/FR), Jeremy Mangion (MLT), Malik Yahia (SD/MLT).

exhibited works:
Tables for the 1% - green and  Tables for the 1% - mauve
photo credits: several authors & Tom Van Malderen