Hermetik II

40 x 60 x 3 cm x 2
shown at except for access only, Malta Contemporary Art

> The mirrors show the plan configurations of several baffled entry gates.
> Gates that were introduces by the stone fortress builders.
> Points of entry to fortifications, designed in a way to gain advantage over any unwanted invaders.
> They look a bit like an alphabet, a code, or even elements from early arcade video games like Space Invaders.
> Laser-engraved on the shiny surface, they ‘belong’ more to the digital world than the physical fortified structures.
> Our physical and digital worlds are still obsessed with the right of passage, surveillance, defence, control and gaining advantage.
> It appears to be inescapable.
> The mirror draws you into the work.
> Possibly provoking the desire to take a ‘selfie’ and gain an advantage through the promotion of the self on your social media.

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photo credits: Dustin Gauchi & Alexandra Pace