Far Reach

FAR REACH, Berlin, is a collaboration between R Gallery, AOA;87 and MaHalla, on the occasion of the Berlin Art Week
Curated by Mark Sullivan, Sam Vassallo and Alba Zari.

from the curators:
is world-building. Not as a passive, silent affair but as an essential vehicle of hope to propel forward. In this exhibition, 38 artists present shards of their inner worlds, out. These shards contain storehouses of boundless potentials in this imposed reality for the viewer to savour. Within the ShwarzeHalle, a path is crafted for the audience to delve into similarities, differences, idiosyncrasies, and embrace the diversity that contemporary art proposes to us. With a number of artists ready to imbue climate’s doom into our path, some pull the curtain on skin-deep senses for their own surreal planes. Others grasp the digital hand which marches us into the future. Together, they reach to stand as a totem apart from, yet deeply intertwined with, the world around us. 

exhibited work: URGENCY (under my umbrella)
Merging off-the-shelve objects with some leftover timber, this sculpture offers shade on the go. The result is humorous, yet it masks a graver situation: the daunting reality of a shifting climate regime and the urgent need to temper the heat.

Participating Artists:

Adrian Abela @adrian.mm.abela
Mario Abela @abela_mario
Alexandra Aquilina @studioaquilina
Matthew Attard @_matthew_attard_
Jon Banthorpe @banth0rpe
Nigel Baldacchino @nigelbaldacchino
Aaron Bezzina @aaron.bezzina
Laura Besançon @laurabesancon
Charlie Cauchi @chuckcauchi
Kane Cali @mr__cali
Anna Calleja @annacallejapaints
Bettina Hutschek @bettina_hutschek
Lukasz Horbow @lukaszhorbow
Galya Feierman @galyafeierman
Ryan Falzon @ryanfalzonart
Goneja @goneja
Romeo Roxman Gatt @roxmangatt
Gulja Holland @guljaholland
Benoit Jeannet @benoitjeannet
Marc Jordi @marc_jordi_artist
Kathrine Maj @kattenmaj
Duška Malešević @duska.malesevic
Mika Natri
Jurgen Ostarhild @jurgenostarhild
Ramin Parvin @raminparwin
Benjamin Pfau @benjaminpfau
Zvezdan Reljic @prints_by_zvezdan_reljic
Cyril Sancereau @cyril_sancereau
Babette Semmer @babettesemmer
Bettina Semmer @bettinasemmer
Stefan Spiteri @stefan.spiteri
Jo Tabone @jotabone
Tom Van Malderen @tomvanmalderen
Anna Vonnemann
XOOOOX @xoooox_xoooox
photo credits: Tom Van Malderen