Frozen Target Shooting Playset

70 x 60 x 90 cm
timber, rice and Disney fabric
shown at except for access only, Malta Contemporary Art

He made a copy of the most common blueprint for self-built target shooting tables that you find propagated over the world wide web. Similarly, to a play kitchen set or a workbench playset, he made a smaller version, a kid’s version.

He mixed up the realm of supposedly childhood innocence with the harsh reality of politics of fear, defence, segregation, supremacy, demarcation of property, island-like subcultures and various kinds of reactionary resurgences opposing the inclusive mentality of globalization.

He followed his strange curiosity towards un-official militarized objects and buildings that occur at the peripheries, borders, thresholds and interstitial spaces. The kind of home-made architecture and pragmatic improvisations associated with DIY and outsider architecture.

He got carried away by the current rhetoric dominating world politics, emphasizing exclusion, isolationism and the building of walls and fences.