Best Conditions

In Best Conditions, Kris Van Dessel and Tom Van Malderen build upon their previous collaborations Good Conditions (2019) and Conditions and Opportunities (2017) at DMW Art Space, Antwerp, Belgium.

After exploring the potential of autonomous artworks as components of a dense art-fair-look-alike constellation and investigating the ‘art space’ by means of a series of interventions, they will continue their quest into the protocols of exhibiting and the mechanism of the contemporary art economy in a flat in Valletta and Antwerp and swap the classic duo-show formula for a sequence of two shows and a satellite event.


We were told that it all started with the idea of repainting his flat, that clearing a space calls for using a space and that a continuation of his ongoing collaboration with Kris Van Dessel (KVD) was long overdue.

We were also told that the artist is very pleased with the conditions of holding a show at his own flat: making the flat his own institution to deal with and providing his own funding mechanism resulted in (the) Best Conditions. Conditions that allow him to excavate his interior, his memory and his previous experiences with KVD to open a space where everything can be questioned. If you are willing to go along, he would love to dig deeper together with you, turn things upside down a little, oppose to common sense and look at things afresh.


picture credits: Kris Van Dessel and Tom Van Malderen

artworks sequence Tom Van Malderen:

Seeing the pillars for the structure
Home is where you hang your hat
A chair is still a chair, even when there's no one sittin' there
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
Home is where you can be yourself
You can't judge a stool by its cover
Forty-four brackets do not make a shelve
All is clean when the cloth is full 1, 2 & 3
What do you know about Graham Bell
To feel at home nowhere, but at ease almost everywhere 1 & 2
Watch this tower
Full house
Box file broadcast
There are pictures because there are walls
Balance is the key to Kelvin
Hedge prequel
Out of the dust, into the dwelling