70 x 50 x 25 cm
support rack, aluminium, shell, glass, spirulina, fishing wire leads, cable tie, measuring spoon, nut and bolt, fabric trimming, and plastic numbers
shown at Oikos Logia, R Gallery

Presented as a collage of natural and machine-made elements, Fuel reflects on the way we consume our resources, on the beauty and conflicts deriving from it. It is a collage about our unbridled belief that everything can be produced, fixed, and resolved.

For most of human history a fundamental problem has been the scarcity of material goods and resources, and so we have become ever more efficient in our methods of production, and created rituals to enshrine the importance of objects in our culture. Less than a century ago, human beings through their rapacious industry made a world-changing transition: we now inhabit a world in which the overproduction of goods, rather than their scarcity, is one of our most fundamental problems.


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