Jo’s outdoor table

marble and recycled glass plate
outdoor table for a Valletta townhouse

Marble table legs design, recycling the glass table top of a Don Cavalletto Glass Dining Table by Jean-Marie Massaud for glasItalia. 4 identical legs that slide into each other and can hold the table top upright, to the side, in case the client wants to free up the roof. Separate legs to reassure they could be carried up to the roof in the first place. Produced from the cutoffs of two marble slabs by @rlautier_naturalstone
The legs allow for two configurations, either two smaller twisted crosses (as shown on the pictures) or one large straight cross (see drawings), each with their own sculptural quality and permeability.
Seats 8 to 10. Ready for summer and dinner overlooking the Grand Harbour!

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photo credits: Tom Van Malderen