set design for SuperLikes
by choreographer and dancer Nuria Guiu for ZfinMalta, artistic direction Paolo Mangiola

The work bases itself on the analysis of two popular YouTube phenomena – cover-dance tutorials, and videos on the different techniques of yoga which have spread through social networks in recent years. Guiu approaches her audience from a socio-anthropological perspective and reflects on the social value of a ‘like’ in our digital culture and society. The work takes a fresh look at the presence of the body in the digital age, through choreography.

Artistic Coordinator: Anna Nowak
Music: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld
Light Design: Moritz Zavan Stoeckle
Costumes: Holly Knowles
Production: Nicole Bearman
Upholstery: Julia Boikova
photo credits: Neil Grech

related works: OKOKOK