Democratic luxuries and functional sculptures
A line of furniture designed for DARI
2021 – 22

driTT is a line of furniture for the living areas, consisting of a series of tables, a shelving system, home desks, benches and stools. All elements contributing to our daily lives and having a bigger impact than we often realize. Can you call a home – ‘a home’ – without a table?

A straight line may appear simple at first glance, but the possibilities that it brings can lead to endless layers of complexity. With driTT (meaning ‘straight’ in Maltese), I tried introducing pleasure and rhythm into rational systems of production.

Using straight-cut panels assembled by machine technology, I tried producing in a large family of furniture objects that are versatile and open. That can work on their own or in combination; that can stand out or blend in; that come in different colours, materials, and textures to cater for different moods and tastes; and that are available to clients in variable sizes.

I want the objects to remain malleable and be able to respond to different interpretations and expectations. It’s very important to me that whoever takes them home or to work, can make them their own, and start their own story.

pictures by Vizwali, Julian Vassallo and Tom Van Malderen